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What is robots.txt

What is robots.txt

 Robots.txt is just like code applied on a website, as we know that Search Engine Bots Crawl or Index all the pages and websites for ranking on SERPs. Sometimes the website owner does not want to crawl every page, especially privacy or some vital type of pages, so how to prevent these pages from crawling? Only robots.txt is only one option. What is robots.txt? We need to know about it and how it works. Robots.txt give direction to the crawler about allowing or disallowing the pages. In HTML Code, it is mentioned that allow for those pages that are ready for crawling or disallow, which is not needed to crawl. 

What is robots.txt

What is robots.txt. Merits & Demerits

It has a wide range of merits, but only a few essential prices are given below πŸ‘

  • Avoid Duplicity Content πŸ‘ Duplicity content means similar types of content are displayed on multiple URLs. Robots.txt prevents similar content from crawling by applying disallow on that page. As we know, if duplicated content shows on a website, it must be penalize.Β 
  • Having Control on Content: This is mainly used to prevent privacy or sensitive content. Website owners can allow or disallow the pages they want from crawling or indexing by applying “robots.txt”. 
  • Helpful in SEO πŸ‘  Search Engine Optimization optimize the website for higher ranking on search engines. Robots.txt helps give the most relevant information, indexed according to prioritization. 
  • Crawling Properly πŸ‘ By applying Robots.txt search engine bot can crawl or index only the most relevant, meaningful content. It makes the crawling or indexing of web pages accurate. 

Demerits of Robots.txt –

  • Limited Scope πŸ‘ In addition to this point, robots.txt has certain limitations also, we must say that it only applies to search engines or several other specific bots which is ready to spread its rule. Therefore it’s not preventing web scraping.
  • Difficulties in Setting πŸ‘ How to set robots.txt in the file is complicated and tricky. If the website is more extended or lengthy, then it isn’t easy to generate robots.txt files.
  • Public Insights πŸ‘ No doubt robots.txt file is applied to disallow or allow the web pages for crawlers. Sometimes it happens that generating robots.txt files provides insights to attackers about websites.
  • No Authentication πŸ‘ robots.txt file is not mindlessly trustworthy. If any content is very confidential and secret, we can’t rely on robots.txt. We can also choose another robust or authenticated mechanism.

How to generate a robots.txt file on the website

  • Creation and Placement πŸ‘The website owner first creates placement after the creation of πŸ‘ this file. After creation, it must be placed in the root directory of the HTML code.

For instance – https/abc.com/robots.txt

  • File Format πŸ‘  This file format has been divided into two parts :

User-Agent:  In the user agent, which kind of web crawler or search engine is applying? In simple words, we can say that just like a “Google bot” is used for search engines, another search engine has its own.

Directives: There are mainly two types of directives

Allow: As the name indicates, allow means to give direction to the crawler for specific pages to crawl and index. If allowed in certain subdirectories but disallowed is used by the user agent in the directory, ‘Allowing’ for that particular page should be considered.

Disallow:  If the website owner does not want to crawl some specific page, then the agent user can apply disallow options. If at once disallow option use, then it must be considered that the page is prevented from crawling or indexing.

  • Upload root directory properly: If the rule is set up correctly, it must be applied in the website’s root directory. 
  • File must be tested: As we know that before starting any new things, we must try it sincerely. Same in this scenario, it must be tested before implementing this rule on the website.
  • Monitor Performance: After implementing this file, it is necessary to monitor how it is performing. If there is any error, then it must be rectified. 

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