What Are Different Types Of E Commerce.

What are Different types of Ecommerce


Before knowing the different types of Ecommerce, it is necessary to know the real meaning of E-Commerce. E-Commerce is an activity where products and services exchange from buyer to consumer online. E-Commerce is a digital process where all the transactions must be online. Various activities are involved, such as online purchasing, banking transactions, electricity payments, digital marketing, etc. E-commerce reduces the hustle and bustle of marketing because everything is available online. Through Ecommerce, targeted large no of consumers because delivering products and services has become so easy. E-commerce also covers a high number of audiences. 

Different types of E-commerce .

Types of E commerce.
  • Business-to-consumer (B2C): As the name indicates business-to-consumer, it means direct transactions between businesses to consumers. Selling and Purchasing activities are between seller and purchaser . Seller sells products and services, whereas consumers purchase them through Amazon, Walmart and other online platforms.
  • Businesses to Businesses (B2B) 👍 B2B is just the reverse of B2C. Because in B2B, the direct transaction is between businesses to businesses. In B2B, products, services, and information must be exchanged between one business to another. The process of B2B is very simple because a businessmen buys in bulk and then sells it to another businessmen with a requirement.
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C) 👏 C2C is the direct opposite of both of them. Because in this marketing direct, one consumer sells the products or services to another. C2C is very rare nowadays. For example, C2C business is Ebay, Ali Express, etc.
  • Consumer to Business (C2B): Consumer to Business is the opposite of B2C. In C2B, Consumers offer products and services direct to the businesses , such as we have seen that just like freelancing services, consumers serve the services and products to businessmen. 
  • Dropshipping 👍 Dropshipping is a kind of E-commerce website with no physical location where customers can visit. Specifically, we can say that only online deals occurred between consumers and buyers in Dropshipping. In dropshipping, no inventory is maintained, but yes, as soon as an order is received, it is informed about that order to a third party who will supply those orders directly to the consumers. Dropshipping is just like a third-party marketing plan.
  • Social Commerce: From the name, it is easy to indicate types of E-commerce where goods and services are sold with social media. Such as orders given by using  Facebook, Instagram, google etc.

There are many types of E commerce but only main type of E Commerce business where exchange of goods and services.

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