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Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing

Β As the name indicates, “Performance Marketing” is an online marketing strategy with the main focus on the result. The goal of it is obvious how to achieve a predetermined target. Advertisers only pay if leads are converted in result or conversion. Performance marketing is a part of digital marketing because both work for the same things. The slight difference is that performance marketing only focuses on conversation, whereas digital marketing also focuses on branding, consumer awareness, influencing etc. It is payable only when a specific target or output is achieved.

does not consider other factors such as branding, consumer awareness, impression, and views but emphasis how to convert leads into qualified leads.

Characteristics of Performance Marketing πŸ‘

  • Measurable Results πŸ‘ It provide measurable result. It means that whatever result can be measured after marketing, which helps analyze whether the marketing is proper.Β Results can be measure in term of conversion, clicks.
  • Continuous Process πŸ‘No doubt this is continuous because after publishing a campaign, advertisers optimize it regularly to get results. How much conversion is & what is the rate of investment needed to analyze repeatedly for better performance?
  • Risk Involvement πŸ‘ In addition to this point , there is a deficient level of risk because advertisers pay based on conversion rather than ads or campaign running. Therefore more chances to obtain a goal.
  • Advertisement predetermines πŸ‘ In performance marketing; advertisement is predetermined. It means to whom the target is decided already. Audiences’ behavior, demography, location, interest, and everything decided before starting marketing. Moreover, before starting advertising, it is necessary to know the motive why the campaign is running.
  • Conversion and Tracking πŸ‘ As we already read, it is depends on conversion and output. Many tools are used in tracking the conversion rate.Β 
  • Platforms for ads: there are many platforms where ads can be run. Such as search engine marketing, display ads, email marketing, social media marketing etc. Which platforms will be better according to the nature of the campaign? The platform that gives the best conversion must be chosen.

Difference between Performance Marketing & Digital Marketing 

  • Scope πŸ‘ 

Β The scope of both is different. But no doubt, the process is similar to achieving that goal. The primary goal of it is straightforward: how to get conversions, leads and clicks. The second factor is not considerable. In contrast, digital marketing’s scope is broader than it. Because email marketing, content marketing, display ads, search engine marketing, social media marketing, etc. include.

  • Conversion Tracking πŸ‘

  Performance marketing strongly believes in tracking conversion. It is payable only based on the conversion of leads and returns on investment. While in digital marketing, along with conversion, other factors also matter. 

  • Risk Involvement πŸ‘

 There are fewer chances of risk involvement in performance marketing. On the other hand, digital marketing risk is higher than performance marketing.

  • Performance Measurable πŸ‘ 

In performance marketing, results can be measured in terms of qualified leads. , we can say that the leads can be converted into qualified leads or conversions. So, in that case, it is easy to measure performance. In digital marketing, performance can be measured based on CTR, Impressions, Views etc.

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