Pay Per Click in Digital Marketing

Pay Per Click in Digital Marketing

Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click in Digital Marketing

PPC stands for Pay Per Click is a form of advertisement that is always in online mode. PPC is a form of advertising where advertisers only pay if we click their ads. In simple words, advertisers apply the ads on Search Engine Result Pages, Social media platforms, and Websites. But it must be payable only in that condition if we will click on that ads. Suppose we put the queries on search engines and get the ads display. In that case if I will click on that ads, then advertiser has to pay an amount. Pay Per Click in digital marketing is very effective because it helps drive large traffic, generate leads, and increase brand awareness. PPC allows advertisers to decide the target audience, like demography, interest, behavior, and location, before placing the ads.

Scope of Pay Per Click in digital marketing 👍

As far as PPC is concerned, it has a wide range of scope, which is tremendous in digital marketing 👏

  • Various Platforms: According to the advertisement, PPC has different platforms where ads can be shown. Such as Search engines, Social media platforms- Instagram, Facebook, You tube, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. where advertisers can apply ads.
  • Targeting advertising 👍: If we talk about the scope of PPC, it has enormous scope. Because it allows advertisers to target the audience from demography, interest, location, and behavior points of view.
  • Spontaneously Result 🙂: PPC in digital marketing is a single way that provides instant results, which is not possible by other platforms. It did not take time to publish the campaign after setting all the strategies. Every advertiser wants immediate results; therefore, PPC is suitable for them.
  • Measurable Performance: All users’ performance on a website is measurable. In simple words, whatever user’s activities on the website can be countable easily. Impressions, Click-through rates (CTRs), Clicks, Conversion, and Bouncing time help in tracking our activities.
  • Brand Awareness 👍: From various perspectives, it has been declared that PPC is a vast platform to increase brand awareness. When we put queries on Search Engine Result Pages. The ads display on the search bar even if we either click or do not click on the ads. But at least appear on the search engine, which is enough for creating awareness.
  • Remarketing Target: Sometimes it is simple to target those audiences who are already visiting on your website previously. It would be easy if we will understand it with an example. Suppose I am looking for a digital marketing course on the search engine and your ads display in front of me. For sure I will visit your website it means I am interested and I will click on your ads therefore in this scenario it is easy to remarket target.
  • Cost Manageable: In PPC, the cost is under controlled . They can decide it. At the time of publishing, the ad’s bid strategy is specific to the advertiser according to their budget. By increasing output, the bid strategy can be changeable if the publisher wants. ROI also plays a significant role in determining the cost of an ad.

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