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How To Generate Sitemap In Word Press

Why Sitemap is important Steps to apply Sitemap

“How to generate sitemap in word press” because it is very important if you want to rank your website of first position of SERPs. But Before knowing the process of “How to generate Sitemaps in Word press.”, learning about Sitemap from scratch would be better. 

What is Sitemap?

Sitemap, as the name indicates, means to provide direction. In technical words, this Sitemap is just a file directing a website’s pages. Not only pages but whatever content is available on web pages, such as content, articles, images, videos, etc. Sitemap plays a vital role in navigating the site, as we know that websites can only run on search engines if it is crawled and indexed. How it can be crawled or indexed is a critical question. How the Google bot know the pages that must be crawled or indexed? Then the Sitemap gives directions on all pages which need to be crawled or indexed. In simple words, a sitemap makes the website crawlable or indexable. All the process of how to generate sitemap in word press is elaborate below.

How to generate the sitemap

Type of Sitemap

Two main types of Sitemap need to be discussed ๐Ÿ‘

  • XML Sitemap
  • HTML Sitemap

XML Sitemap ๐Ÿ‘ XML Sitemap is specially used for Search Engine. All the information related to the website is listed in it, such as which kind of website, what the last changes happened, pages of the website and URL, etc. Basically, it assists in crawling and indexing. Google search console where sitemap code pasted submit XML Sitemap to the search for indexing properly.

HTML Sitemap ๐Ÿ‘ HTML Sitemap is reversed to XML Sitemap. HTML Sitemap is helpful for users because this code directs users according to their requirements. It helps navigate the pages or website to the specific content. 

Why Sitemap is important

We should also know about the importance of Sitemap and why it is essential. A few points emphasize the importance of Sitemap ๐Ÿ‘

  • Helpful in crawling and indexing ๐Ÿ‘ 

Sitemap is helpful to search engines in crawling and indexing the website. It just acts as a guide that provides details of web pages. Search engines can crawl and index the website more efficiently with the help of Sitemap.

  • New content can index quickly ๐Ÿ‘ 

As we already know, websites can’t run on search engines without crawling and indexing. Suppose you are adding new pages to your website. Then how can search engines discover it? Only Sitemap can help identify that new page to rank on search engines.

  • Enhance SEO Performance ๐Ÿ‘ 

    SEO means “Search Engine Optimization,” It means website optimizationโ€”internally, externally, and technically optimising a website to rank in the first search engine position. Sitemap is helpful in better performance for SEO because Sitemap sets the priorities and updates of websites for SEO.

  • Helpful in Complex Website ๐Ÿ‘ 

In addition to this point, suppose you have a website, and there are plenty of  web pages. In that case, it would be difficult for search engines to crawl and index those web pages. Sitemap helps in reducing those challenges by navigating the pages efficiently. 

  • Monitoring and Reporting ๐Ÿ‘

As we do this Sitemap code is pasted on Google Search Console from where we analyze all the reports. Such as how many pages crawled and how many are indexed or not indexed from those pages. Google Search Console provides comprehensive information because search engines rank only those pages which must be crawled or appropriately indexed.

How to Generate Sitemap in Word press ๐Ÿ‘

To generate Sitemap, the first and foremost things you need to do is  

Install Yoast Plugin When you go to the Dashboard on the wordpress website, you will see the option of the plugin – go to this option > Ad new 

Search for SEO Plugin > Yoast Plugin Seo ( install or activate that Yoast plugin).

Go to the Yoast SEO option > General options (display on sidebar)

Click on General > Feature tab

 In Feature > Sitemap option (which needs to be on).

 If you want to check if the Sitemap applied or not, then there is a question mark through which you can check the status of the Sitemap.

How to Apply that Sitemap on Google Search Engine ๐Ÿ‘

 Firstly you need to create an account on Google Search Console either by Domain Option or URL Option

Then enter the website to verify the ownership by copying the HTML Code.

First, go to the appearance > theme file editor (navigate on the website’s sidebar).

Then go to the <head> section and paste the generated code on the Google search console

Remember to update the file.

When the file updates again, go to the search console and click the verify button. After that, the Dashboard of the Google search console opens in front of you.

When you go to the Dashboard of the search console, there must be an option for Sitemap where the sitemap code is submitted.

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