Google Search Console and Functions

Google Search Console and Its Functions.

 Google Search Console was earlier known as Web master tool but in 2015 it is rename by Google search console. Google search console is a web service which is provide by google free. Most of the people has doubt that google search console and google analytics is similar so after read this articles all doubt must be clear, basically google search console is used by website owner to analyze, monitor or what is performance of website in google search result whereas google analytics is also a tool but totally different because it is use in tracking the users activities on website. First and foremost goal of a website owner is to check how perfectly their site is performing in search pages and if any difficulties raise then identify it and resolve it because to rank website on search page is main motive. Google search console is a very useful tool in search engine and also has wide range of tool which provide report on website’s performance which are given below 👍

Functions Of Google Search Console 

Its all about Google Search Console and  Its Functions how its work.
  1. Website Verification : Before starting to add  data of website on google search console first process is to verify ownership to maintain security and ensure that only authorized owner can access or manage the websites
  1. Performance Report : Performance Report is second important tool which is available on google search console which provide valuable insight about how website working on search engine result and what is its performance, there are various options available like data on impression, clicks, Click through rate (CTR), countries, device, pages etc.
  1. Index Coverage : Website indexing process is very important to rank a website on search engine and google search console share detail information about indexing process such as how much pages has been indexed, what  issues is rasing in indexing the rest pages, how to resolve it before without indexing pages website is nothing .
  1. URL Inspections : As the name indicate URL Inspections it means inspect the url of your website and check the status of crawling and indexing. It Provide details information about crawling and indexing errors and do the live text of url and also check when last time bot visited the website.
  1. Sitemap creation : For crawling and indexing process sitemap on website is very essential because when sitemap create on website it guide to google for crawling and indexing the website efficiently. Structure and content of website is maintain on sitemap. Basically sitemap.xml is use for google search console.
  1. Mobile Usability : Mobile Usability tool is specially use to check only mobile issues if any occur in search engine on mobile or what default is coming if opening the website on mobile and how to resolve it each and everythings regarding mobile.
  1. Manual Action : If google will get any fraudulent on website then a manual action can take against your website. Manual Action is taken to aware website owner to inform them about what penalties  impose on website and how to rectify it.
  1. Link and External Link : This tool is particularly use to know about links which is impose on your website and give all details like high quality and low quality of backlinks and if any spamming of backlink available on website. Its very useful tool to know deeply about backlinks.
  1. Core Web Vitals : Core Web Vital is use to check the websites page loading speeding, interactivity and stability all informations.
  1.  Security Issues : Security Issue tool is use to check the security level of website such as hacked data, duplicacy of content or anyother security points which can harm your website. To protect own website is every website owner responsibility.

These are the functions of Google Search Console which make  a website crawlable or indexable and enhance the speed of website along with secure it properly. Google search console work has been define deeply above.

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