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Google Search Algorithm

Google Search Algorithm

Google Search Algorithm is just like a set of rules and regulations on which web pages rank on a website. Its primary goal is to rank web pages on search engine results pages. Google Search Algorithm set the web pages according to predetermined  rules and regulation and build the pages crawlable and indexable because after it the page can rank on SERPs.  How the Google algorithm works is not a hide  and continuous process because every web page needs to rank on SERPs, and only it’s possible if every rule and regulation must be followed, which is decided by the Google algorithm. It checks various internal factors which help rank the website after crawling and indexing. Before we discuss the type of Google search algorithm, we will discuss those factors on which it work.

Factors of Google Search Algorithm 

  • Crawling & Indexing: As we know that crawling and indexing is a part of Google search, crawling means scanning the web pages, whereas indexing means analysing and arranging  the web pages which Google bots have crawled, google algorithm starts the process of checking out proper crawling or indexing process.
  • Keywords: Google algorithm plays a significant role in checking out the keywords. Because keywords should be relevant to the user’s queries. Quality content and suitable keywords must be maintained; then, there must be high chances of ranking web page on SERPs. 
  • Users Experience: User experience, as the name indicates. Its all about how users are experienced if they are going through your web pages. Such as page loading speed, mobile friendly, usability, and everything needs to be checked by Google algorithm to rank web pages on search engines.
  • Content Quality: The Google algorithm calculates the content quality, whether the content satisfies the user’s queries or not. Content has to be tactful. The Google algorithm accepts only original content not duplicate content.
  • Audience Behavior: What is the Audience Behavior means number of likes and shares. Users are satisfied with this content or how many no of users connected with this web page etc., basically denotes the audience activity.

Types of Google Search Algorithms 

types of google algorithms.

Various types of Google search algorithms are developed now. All the algorithms are essential for SEO points of view or to rank on the first page of a Google search.

  • Panda ( 2011 ): Panda is a kind of Google algorithm whose primary focus is on the quality of content. which type of content is mentioned on web pages. Check the quality of content.
  • Penguin ( 2012 ): Penguin was developed in 2012 and plays a significant role. In checking out the backlink applied on web pages. Backlink is very important for ranking the web page on the first page of SERPs, but that link must not be unnecessary. An unnatural backlink can create spam on the web page.
  • Hummingbirds ( 2013 ): Hummingbird algorithm deals with keyword stuffing. It checks the keyword density to determine how often a specific keyword has been used. Trying to avoid keyword stuffing or make quality content.
  • Rank Brain ( 2015 ): Rank Brain algorithm provides users with relevant information. Such as user queries, what they are searching for, etc. 
  • Page Experience Update ( 2021 ): This is mainly based on technical SEO because it works on page specialty. Such as user experience of the website, low time update, quality content, etc.

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