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google keyword research tool

Google keywords research tool plays a major role in SEO because keyword research is a primary part of SEO. Various Google keyword research tools can be used to find the best keyword. The first and foremost thing we need to know is about a keyword. A keyword is a phrase or group of words users put on search engines to find their queries. What users are looking for and their queries are very important because the content keywords must be relevant to audience queries. The Google keyword research tool is vital in determining the keywords. To know more about keywords, it would be better to understand the sentence with an example. Suppose users put a query on search engine Best digital marketing course what will be the main keyword is best digital marketing course that the Google keyword research tool helps in finding.

Types of google keyword research tools

  There are several types of Google keyword research tools available, but only a few famous ones are discussed below:

  • Google Keyword Planner: Google keyword planner is one of the famous tools developed by Google and is free of cost. This tool is widely used to find the best keyword.
  • Keyword Everywhere : Keyword Everywhere is not only a keyword research tool. It’s also an extension needed to add on the Google browser to know about every keyword insight. Keyword Everywhere is very easy to use as compared to the rest tool because, after ad this extension, all the keyword metrics show on the browser, like difficulty level, search volume, competition, CPC etc.
  • ¬†SEMrush : SEMrush is a useful tool for finding the keyword density, keyword search level, and keyword difficulties. Each and everything fact related to the keyword can analyze here.
  • Ahrefs : Ahrefs is one of the best Google keyword research tools, which plays a major role in SEO. Because Keyword research is the first step, and Ahrefs shows every detail of information about keywords such as keyword analysis, keyword difficulties, search volume etc.
  • KWFinder : KWFinder also comes under the top Google keyword research tool. Helpful in discovering new ideas related to primary and secondary keywords. This tool also informs about keyword difficulty level, SERPs analysis, search volume etc.
  • Google Trends : Google Trends is a comprehensive tool that is used to search the keyword; this tool not only provides insight regarding the keyword, in fact, it also compares multiple keywords to find out the best keyword because the information which is given by google trends is valuable in determining the types of a keyword.
best google keyword research tool

        Keyword can be long or short depend on users requirement that what the queries and top google keyword research tool are mentioned above.

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