Google Analytics? Advantages And Disadvantages

What is Google Analytics? Its Advantages and Disadvantages.

All about the Google Analytics its advantages and disadvantages is going to discuss below. Google Analytics is just like web analytics which Google uses. It is not for users, especially website owners, business people, or marketers, because it is useful in tracking visitors or analyzing visitors’ performance and activities on the website. Google Analytics provides insights into visitors by tracking code related to the demography of customers, demand, user engagement and preference and bouncing rate, etc. Google Analytics is very helpful in knowing what is in customers’ demand because, according to it, products and services will be launched and delivered into the market.

          Now, I am going to discuss some advantages and disadvantages of Google Analytics :

Advantages of Google Analytics:

  • 1. Audience insights: All products and services launch for customers, so it is very important to know about customers’ needs and demands because products must be prepared according to them.
  • 2. Customer behavior analysis: By tracking the audience insights, it’s also important to find out how often visitors are visiting on which pages, the time spent, and the bouncing rate or exit rate to identify visitor behavior.
  • 3. Real-Time Reporting: Google Analytics always believes in monitoring the website in real-time, noticing changes happening in the market, and allow to react immediately according to changes.
  • 4. Goal and Conversion Rate: We all set a specific goal, and by tracking code, we can successfully achieve it because it’s easy to find out how we can admire the visitors for staying a long time on websites.
  • 5. Cost-Effective:  A major benefit of google analytics is that it is cost-effective without cost; all the information can be tracked only by using a tracking code, so easily website owner can easily trace the visitor’s behavior.

This is the advantage of google analytics, but as we know that every coin has two aspects so do it, now we should also discuss its disadvantages of it in detail:

Disadvantages of Google Analytics:

  • 1. Security and Privacy:  As we know, google analytics is run by Google, so automatically, all the data is stored in Google, which might not be  confidential and can be used on a personal basis and distract the privacy of data which is illegal in some regions.
  • 2. A problem in setup and configuration:  To add Google Analytics is not a bed of roses; in fact, this is quite a complex process, especially for those who do not have enough knowledge about technical because a tracking code is needed to add on the website and set up properly to world perfectly
  • 3. Customization is limited: A major drawback of google analytics is limited customization which can only fulfill the criteria of some tracking needs. 
  • 4. Dependency on Google: As we discuss, google analytics depends on Google servers to work, and in that case, if the server distracts means, it can also affect the accessibility of data, and unless until server will not works, analysis of data also stops; therefore, rely on third party is also not good.
  • 5. Difficulty in interpreting data: With the help of google analytics, a high amount of data provides, but the problem occurs in interpreting or making sense of that data because it requires a high level of understanding to make sense of that data and analyze the insight of visitors.

The end of the discussion is that while google analytics has a disadvantage, it doesn’t mean that it is not useful no way, despite having drawback it offers valuable insights and provides productive information regarding visitors’ performance; if we talk about the website owner, then this is very helpful tools for them to analysis about customers preference and market demand.

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