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Google analytics and Search console

Google Analytics Google Search Console

Google Analytics and Search Console is a tool used to gather various information. Google Analytics and Search Console are both given by Google itself. Both devices are used by marketers or website owners when they want to collect valuable insight about their website or users’ preferences. Google analytics and search console plays a vital role in ranking the website properly or create users interactions.

Factors about Search Console & Google Analytics πŸ‘

  • Purpose πŸ‘ The primary goal of the search console and Google Analytics is to collect reports. Google Analytics tracks users or provides valuable insights such as traffic sources, user behavior, and conversion rate. At the same time, the Search Console is used by website owners. It gives the crawling and indexing report and manages the site performance on Google search. It was also known as a webmaster tool.
  • Main Factors πŸ‘   If we talk about the main factors of Google Analytics and Search Console, then both have different factors that will be discussed individually. Firstly, we are going to elaborate on Google Analytics. 
  • Traffic sources πŸ‘ Google Analytics main focus is on what traffic sources mean from which sources traffic is coming, such as organic or paid, social media platforms, 
  • Customer Behaviour πŸ‘ Customer behavior includes every activity that customers are doing on a website, such as a page view, location, bouncing rate, interest, time spent navigation, etc.
  • Transformation: Transformation indicates the number of users converted for products and services.
  • Implementation πŸ‘ To activate Google Analytics, it’s necessary to implement Google code on the website, which is generated while registering Google Analytics

Google Search Console 

  • Purpose πŸ‘ The  Motive of the search console is straightforward. It helps track the website and how it’s running on SERP. A search console is used to crawl and index the website and inform website owners about how the website is managed. 

Main Factors : 

  • Search Report πŸ‘ The Search report provides all the detailed information such as website rank on SERP, CTR, average positions, etc. 
  • Indexing Report πŸ‘ Search console also identifies crawling and indexing reports of websites. Number of pages indexed or crawled
  • Sitemap is a file that helps crawl or index the page because it gives directions to the crawler about the page or files, such as images, videos, audio, etc, that have to crawl or index.

Difference between google analytics and search console 

Google analytics and Search console

There are differences between Google Analytics and Search Console, but only a few are discussed below :

  • Tracking:  Google Search Console is used to track all the website activity, like crawling indexing, CTR, and Position of website tracking, whereas Google Analytics is used to track the user’s movements such as location, time duration, bouncing rate, behavior, etc.
  • Real-Time Report πŸ‘ If we talk about accurate time reports, we can say that Google Analytics provides real-time reports. On the other hand, the search console can’t offer real-time reports.
  • Interaction: Google Analytics interacts with a website means all the information related to the website can be interacted with. On the other hand, Google Analytics interacts with users only.
  • Sources πŸ‘ If we consider the references, then the search console feels only the data coming through Google, not other platforms. If we talk about Google Analytics, it reports all the data coming through various platforms like Bing, yahoo, etc.

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