Google ads and how its work

Google Ads and How Its Work

Google Ads

Google ads and how it works is very important nowadays because Google ads is a platform for advertising which Google itself develops. For businesses, it is a major part to know about Google ads and how it works. Because every business person has the motive to grow their business. It is possible only if advertising is proper. Google ads are the best way to display ads on search engine result pages and on mobile apps. Google ads and how its work also include the format and process of displaying ads on (SERPs). Without traffic and rank on the first page of (SERPs), it is impossible to become famous worldwide. A primary goal behind Google ads is how to show a website on the first page. If users put the queries on search engines and get more and more clicks from them. If a website’s owner wants to run their website on the first page. Google first decides the keywords on which the website runs and prepares the quality content to satisfy the audience. Google ads include various sources such as text ads, image ads, audio ads, video ads etc. Choose the best way according to your budget and preference. Impression, click, click-through rate, conversion rate, and return on investment are the metrics of Google ads


Google ads and how its work

  • Search Ads: When users put queries for particular keywords on search engines and get the result in written form. Search ads are always in text form, which appears at the top or bottom of search pages.
  • Display Ads: Display Ads focus on branding and increase awareness among audiences. Display ads are when we visit any particular website. We get the pop-up of another website in advertisement form, which blinks anywhere on display is called display ads. It is basically in a different form through which customers can attract easily.
  • Videos Ads: The Google videos ads platform permits advertisers to display their business videos on you tube. Most of the time, it happens to us while watching you tube channels. We get advertisements of around 15-30 seconds, sometimes skippable or non-skippable, called video ads. Video ads are the best way to reach a wide range of audiences.
  • Shopping Ads: As the name indicates, shopping ads mean ads related to shopping websites are displayed over here. These types of Google ads are very useful for those who run online shopping apps, for instance, Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, mesh etc. Shopping ads are necessary to increase branding.
  • Gmail Ads: Sometimes we get mail in which advertisements of products or services are mentioned. Which comes under the promotion section called Gmail ads. Gmail ads are in any form: text, images, call to action button etc., which reach the customers directly.

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