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The expanded form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization, a process through which website content, structure, and other elements must be optimized to improve its visibility or higher ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). SEO aims to increase organic traffic, brand awareness, or a higher conversion rate.





Social media marketing means marketing with the help of social media like Facebook, instagram, youtube, Twitter, etc. It is a very effective way of marketing because with this help of it more chances to create a large no of traffic. Social Media Marketing increases the sales ratio and generates high revenue.





Blogging is a very attractive way of marketing because information regarding products and services is delivered in content form like audio, video, blogs, images, etc. Blogging is a continuous process because one needs to publish a post, articles, thoughts, and content regularly. Blogging is an individual process.






Pay-per-click is a kind of paid advertisement done with the help of an advertiser by promoting the products of others by displaying information on their own website. It is displayed on search engine result pages or social media platforms. Ppc is the best way to rank your website on top of the search result pages by creating high traffic.





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