Difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing

Difference between Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing

Β “Difference between traditional and digital marketing” is very important to know. The meaning of both is equal; only the method has been changed. Difference between Traditional marketing and Digital marketing meaning and differences are elucidated properly.

What is Traditional Marketing –

Traditional Marketing is a process where products and services are promoted based on conventional techniques such as television, newspaper, radio, billboard, posters, magazines etc. Traditional marketing is believed to reach many customers by applying these techniques. It is not in trend because advertising with the help of these methods is too costly, and the result could not be more effective. Traditional marketing has a few drawbacks, which give adverse consequences.

Pros & Cons of Traditional Marketing-

Firstly we need to know the positive points of Traditional Marketing πŸ‘

  • Effective for older ages πŸ‘ In simple words, we can say that our grandparents, aged almost 50-60, believe in what they learned through newspapers, radio, and tv. They don’t even know how to use social sites to see advertisements because they trust traditional methods.
  • Helpful in remaining πŸ‘ Traditional Marketing  gives the remainder to their audiences for their products and services. There are no chances to block or avoid the advertisement. If we take the example of digital marketing, we see that users can prevent or keep the ads in block categories by clicking on skippable buttons.
  • Target Local Customers πŸ‘ Traditional marketing emphasizes local audiences because this marketing method is not worldwide reachable by applying billboards, distributing fliers, and organizing events easy to target local audiences only, not worldwide.

Cons of Traditional Marketing-

After analyzing the positive points of traditional marketing, it would be better to discuss a few negative issues too.

  • Costly: As far as cost is concerned, traditional marketing is very expensive. After investing a large amount, whether users will connect has yet not to be confirmed. In short, high cost with low results.
  • Time-Taking Method: There is no denying saying this traditional marketing is a time taking process. Reaching out to the products and services customers takes too long. Why it’s taking time is because modern techniques are not used in this marketing.

What is Digital Marketing –

Digital Marketing is just the reverse of Traditional marketing. Digital Marketing uses modern techniques to increase sales volume by promoting products and services to customers. Many digital channels are used for advertising products and services, such as Email marketing, Search engine, Social media like Facebook, Instagram, You tube etc., Affiliate marketing etc. The world has become digital during this era, so it must be easy to reach out to many customers.

Pros & Cons of Digital Marketing-

We should know the positives before knowing the negative points of digital marketing.

  • Real-Time Monitoring πŸ‘  In addition, digital marketing helps monitor real-time reports. If anyone clicks on your website or subscribes to a social media channel, it can show in words. 
  • Less Expensive πŸ‘ As we know that digital marketing is less expensive. In other words, we can say that digital marketing gives better results at a low cost. Why digital marketing is cheaper because there are no charges for painting or pasting billboards.
  • World Wide πŸ‘ Digital Marketing is worldwide because it is reachable worldwide. Through social media sites or digitally, large numbers of audiences are targeted.

Cons of Digital Marketing-

Cons of Digital Marketing are given below πŸ‘

  •  High chances of Blocked : In digital marketing, there are high chances to stop or avoid the ads. When watching something interesting, and suddenly ads show on the screen, you must block or prevent those ads. Skippable or non-skippable options are available in this market, and more people skip the ads.
  • Difficult to learn: This type of marketing could not be easier to learn. Different-2 platforms are used to advertise products and services only known by someone. Hence it will take time to understand every digital platform.

Difference between Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing 

difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing
  • Reachability πŸ‘ If we talk about reachability, digital marketing has a wide range of reachability compared to traditional marketing because traditional marketing has certain criteria fixed, whereas digital marketing has large criteria decided.
  • Engagement πŸ‘ Digital marketing has high engagement of users. Nowadays, almost 60-70% of people surf the internet daily and go through advertisements for products & services. However, in traditional marketing, only local users can be targeted. On a regional basis, engagement is not high.
  • Cost Involvement πŸ‘ As far as cost is concerned digital marketing is less costly than traditional marketing. 
  • Flexibility πŸ‘ If we talk about flexibility, digital marketing is more flexible than traditional marketing. In digital marketing, changes can be instantaneous; however, it will take some time to change in conventional.
  • Time πŸ‘ Traditional marketing is time-consuming, whereas digital marketing needs less time.
  • Return on Investment πŸ‘ Return on Investment of digital marketing is high. More revenue can be generated digitally. On the other hand, traditional marketing provides less return on Investment.

Β Β  Β Β Β  Β All the differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing are discuss with proper meaning of it.

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