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Difference Between Search Ads & Display Ads

Search ads and Display ads both play a key role in SEO. Both are the best way of advertising and increasing traffic, Search ads work separate from display ads in some aspects, and display ads also vice versa.

Lets discuss every points in brief

Difference between search ads and display ads.

Firstly we need to know that what is diversity between them briefly and cover every aspect. Let’s see which characteristics make a differences 🙂

  • Place of Ads: As we see that whenever we put queries on search engine result pages we get multiples of results in which search ads (paid ads) along with organic ads show on search engines. Therefore we can say that search ads place on search engine page. On the other hand, Display ads always appear on websites, mobile and social media platforms. Sometimes Display ads show on the sidebar as a pop-up; Search ads are shown on search engine result pages, and display ads do not.
  • Context: Search ads are based on what users are looking for, and all the contexts are based on the user’s intent and requirements. Whereas display ads are based on interest, demography, behavior helpful in browser.
  • Format of Ads: The format of search ads is very simple. It is totally in written or text form. Only a few things, such as headlines, descriptions, and URLs, need to be mentioned. To make search ads separate from organic ads, it is compulsory to use either an “Ad” or “Sponsored” label before search ads. if we talk about display ads, then they can be in various formats like images, video, and banners because display ads motive is to attract more and more audiences.
  • Intention: The intention of Search ads is very simple and clear on how to cover more and more users. Who is looking for specific queries, products, services etc. Search ads always try to reach the audience’s high potential. Whereas the display ads goal is to increase branding and influence or generate interest of audiences for specific products and services. Display ads better for remarketing and launching new offers among audiences.
  • Cost Structure: The cost structure of search ads is clear; it’s based on Pay Per Click. Advertisers need to pay only when users click on an ad; otherwise, there is no need to pay. Bidding strategy and keyword competition can change the cost. Display ads cost is flexible; it can vary on the advertising platform where the ad is showing. Display ad costs depend on Cost Per Impression (CPM), Cost Per Click (CPC), and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) advertiser pay.

All the explained pointwise, and all the important factors are elaborate properly.

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