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Chat GPT and Its Merits and Demerits

Chat GPT is a tool which is very advance tool and used by everyone. OpenAI launched chat GPT. The most powerful version of chat GPT is 3.5. Chat GPT has merits and demerits but it works like a human being; for instance, if we ask any questions from others, then we also expect an answer from them. Chat GPT and its merit demrits we should know before start using this tool. Similarly, if anyone puts the queries or input, then chat GPT provides output or answer related to that query. The work of chat GPT has a wide range, such as clearing doubts, giving explanations and suggestions, providing assistance in creative writing, etc. Dealing with chat GPT requires high knowledge to tackle with its techniques. Nowadays chat GPT make easy to write anything.

Here are some important points of CHAT GPT given below:

   Merits of chat GPT :

Its all about merits of chat gpt
  • Quick and Efficient: Chat gpt is famous for quick response because replies to users’ queries are given in no time with full efficiency, which means without delay response generated. No doubt chat gpt works like a human being. 
  •  Inventiveness & Flexibility: Using chat GPT is very flexible  because no restriction imposes on using it, and also very inventive because by using this tool, users can resolve their queries and get proper answers, suggestions, and creative writing ideas at any time. 
  • Easy Languages Tool: The main merit of using this tool is that chat GPT doesn’t use any complex languages; all the answers must be in simple and natural languages that anyone can read.
  • Language Translation: Chat gpt does not respond to only one language; in fact, it assists in translating the text from one to another. This speciality is useful for those who deal with multiple languages.

However, it also has a few drawbacks, which we need to know. 

Demerits of Chat GPT:

Its all about demerits of Chat Gpt
  • Lack of understanding: Sometimes it happen that chat GPT cant understand what is the users queries and what they are looking for that’s the main reason it give incorrect answers. Due to lack of understanding chat GPT unable to satisfied users queries.
  • Lack of clarifications: A major drawback of chat gpt is lack of clarification; if users need help in understanding answers, then there are no options available to clear it like human beings do if any confusions create because chat gpt is a tool.
  • Difficulties in complex queries: Chat gpt is not comfortable dealing with complex queries and sometimes starts to generate incomplete information unrelated to users’ queries; therefore, at that time, chat gpt creates problems.
  • Mistake in Input phrasing: To generate a response from chat gpt, it is compulsory to put queries wisely; otherwise, a single word or phrase can change the whole answer. A single mistake can distract the consistency of chat gpt.


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