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What is Backlinks & its Important

As the name indicates, a backlink is a link that connects one website to another. In simple words, we can say that backlinks are a way to transfer traffic from one website to another. It plays a major role in Search Engine Optimization because off-page seo is one of the types of seo in which backlinks are optimised properly and a high level of authority and traffic increase. It is an inbounding link that connects users from one website to another. If a website has high-quality backlinks, then the Google search console considers the website reliable.


Why Backlinks are important : 

It is very important to rank a website on search engine result pages because it helps derive traffic from another. It create credibility and authority on a website. First and foremost, things Google considers before ranking any website on a search engine are visibility, value ability or quality of content and, last but not least, organic and natural links.

  • Search Engine Optimization : SEO is a process of optimising a website and making the website rank high on search engine result pages; if a website has multiple high-quality of links, then it must be considered by Google that the website is trustworthy and reliable. Backlinks are the best way to measure the reputation and authority of a website in SEO.
  • Generate Traffic : The primary goal of backlinks is to generate more organic traffic on the website. It is obvious that if a website owner has applied a backlink of another website related to similar keywords, there must be a high chance of getting traffic from that website. Simply backlinks inform users about another website that is related to their queries.
  • Brand Creation : Let’s explain to you how backlinks are helpful in brand creation. Suppose a website has applied links to your website and indicates, suggests, and recommends the content of your website. It means you have the quality of content that users are looking for and traffic will attract toward your website which is helpful in brand creation.
  • Referral Traffic : Backlinks not only generate organic traffic, but it also helps in generating referral traffic. For instance, if any high-ranking website applies links to your website and if users go through the first website can automatically click on that link and reach to your website therefore that traffic which comes to your website is called referral traffic.
  • Build Relationship : It play a vital role in building the relationship because before applying links, it is important to reach out to the owner and discuss own website niche, credibility, authority, and ranking and explain about a website, which is very helpful in building a relationship.
Importance of Backlinks

  • Types of Backlinks :

Social bookmarking Backlinks 

Classified Backlinks.

Profile Creation

Business Listing

PR Submission

PDF & Document Submission

PPT Submission

Article Submission

Referral Link

Guest Posting

Infographic Submission

Question & Answer Submit

All kinds of backlinks are very important to rank high on search engine result pages and create high traffic on the website.

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